the newbie: First Foods

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

I’ll be honest: I had visions of feeding June the most natural, organic, good-for-you foods on the planet. I’d set myself up with tiny glass jars and blend healthy and delicious meals for…

I am a mother of 3, with my first daughter I did the same and bought all of her food, with my second child I made all of the food. start with foods that are really soft. give her small pieces she can feed herself but avoid foods that have skins or arel stringy so she does not choak, for example grapes and beans that have skin that babies can’t chew. it’s also a good idea to avoid foods that are acidic like strawberries and watermelon. until the baby is older their stomach may not digest it my children always got diarrhea with those when they were babies. start with foods like sweet potatoes cut up in small pieces, bananas, cooked carrots, cooked or canned pears in very small peices, always supervised especially with new foods. I also give my babies little pieces of bread , I liked to give them whole grain. It’s easier to digest. I hope this information helps.